Catching Up!!!

As I stated on my last post, “WOW, how time flies”!  I can’t believe it has been a year .  Life has been very busy for Cowan and I since April 2016.  I am now considered a “professional care-giver” for Cowan – that statement by his doctor.  I will have to admit that I never wanted to be a nurse, but the Lord must have had me in mind for that job.  If you have read my book you will know why I make that statement, and it goes on and on!!

One of my busy times was going to Round Rock, Texas March 1, 2017 to celebrate my mother’s 101st birthday.  Cowan cannot travel by plan any longer – too exhausting for him, and difficulty in making plan connections, so I went alone.  Cowan stayed at the Lebanon VA Hospital in Respite Care.  He loved the care and attention he received, and said he would do it anytime.  The birthday “girl” seemed to enjoy the attention and excitement.  Since I was there she has been placed in hospice.  Would appreciate your prayers for her.  Her name is Easther Odom, and I thank you.

On December 13, 2016 I enjoyed a ladies breakfast speaking and book signing engagement at Conestoga Mennonite Church, in Morgantown, PA.  My topic was “Bundles of Joy for Christmas”.  I want to give a shout out to my friend Mary Ann Leaman.  She is a great help at my engagements, taking care of the sales of the book, while I answer questions and sign the books.

If you remember, my speaking and book signing engagement at Hammercreek Mennonite Church last February was cancelled because of snow.  That was rescheduled February this year – NO SNOW!!!!!  Thanks again, Mary Ann.  We enjoyed the evening and the refreshments at Hammercreek.  I enjoy meeting new people, and Mary Ann introduced me to a college friend who was there.

April 29, 2017 brought a trip to Churchville, NY.  Cowan’s neice, Terry and her husband Kenn live in Churchville.  On that day, I was invited to speak and book sign at Batavia Baptist Church, Batavia, NY.  That is Terry and Kenn’s church.  It was a Breakfast Tea.  I cannot begin to tell you how many beautiful tea cups and teapots were sitting on beautifully set and decorated tables.  My topic that day was, “Blessings of Joy”.

I am looking forward to October 24.  I will be speaking and book signing at Aldan Union Church in Aldan, PA.  I have several friends who attend that church, and it will be great to see them again.  The “theme” will be “A County Fair”.  I am looking forward to an interesting and enjoyable evening to describe to you.  Stay tuned.

I have been mailing letters of introduction to Women’s Ministries at churches in Delaware, Lancaster, and Chester Counties, 34 churches to be exact.   Today I received my first call from Nancy Swanson, representing the Women’s Ministry at Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church in Terre Hill, PA.  They will be having a three day retreat, and ask me to be their speaker.  That will happen September 29 and 30, and October 1.   I am hoping that with my schedule with Cowan’s situation I will be able to be their speaker.   More information as to what will be involved will follow when it is confirmed.

I am always searching for ideas to share my story, and I would appreciate any suggestions you might share with me.  Several posts ago, you may remember, my title was “Have Book – Will Travel”.  I am  still available. I am considering contacting radio stations for interview time.  I enjoyed very much the one hour interview, by phone, I had with the Debbie Chavez Show,  in Bellingham, Washington in January 2015.  I also enjoyed very much the TV interview with Dr. Benjamin Littlejohn in Greenville, South Carolina in 2015.







Wow – how time flies by.  Several years ago I mentioned to my mother that I could not believe Christmas was coming so fast.  Her comment to me was, “If you think it goes fast now, just wait – each year will go faster”.  She certainly was right about that.

So much has happened since my last post.  On November 21, 2015 I had a Book Signing at a locally owned and operated business, September Farm Cheese.  That was exciting and I met many interested persons, and also sold many books.  I am hoping to have the opportunity to do this again soon.

A speaking engage and book signing was scheduled for February 10 at Hammercreek Mennonite Church.  My topic was  GIFTS OF JOY. That event was cancelled due to snow.  A reschedule may occur.

On March 11 I was the speaker at Garden Spot Village in New Holland, at their Ladies Retreat.  There was a very good attendance.  I had two sessions to cover.  The topic of the first session was GIFTS OF JOY, and the second was JOY IN ADVERSITY.

On April 30 I was the speaker for Reamstown Church of God located in Stevens, Pa.  It was their Mother-Daughter Breakfast held at Weavers Market.  The topic for that event was GIFTS OF JOY.

Today I accepted a speaking event for Women’s Fellowship Group that will be held at Conestoga Mennonite Church on December 13.  They have requested the topic BUNDLES OF JOY FOR CHRISTMAS.

I have had several requests for a list of my speaking topics.  In addition to those mentioned above they are THE POTTER AND THE CLAY;  I HAD A DREAM – WHAT WAS YOURS?;  BUNDLES OF JOY FOR MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers);  HAVE A CHOCOLATE;  JEWELS TO TREASURE.

Added to those events, I had knee replacement surgery on May 6.  This has been quite an experience!  I could not come home from the hospital after the surgery because that leg would not move to get me in and out of bed, or in and out of a chair – I could not even move my toes.  I was sent to Tel Hai’ Skilled Nursing Care for two weeks.  I am still in Physical Therapy, and will be for another 4 weeks.  At least I am now walking without a walker or cane.  I have been telling my other knee, “Do you see what is happening to your friend next door?  Do not do that to me”.   We’ll see!!!!!

An exciting event happened on February 28 –  our family celebrated our mother’s 100th birthday.  She is doing very well, and still living alone in an apartment building for Seniors.  It was great to get together with my brother and sister-in-law, my sisters, nieces and nephews, and cousins whom I had not seen in about 30 years.

Well, I think that catches me up for now.


I am happy to send this message:  Cowan is doing pretty well.  He was finally released from “jail” (home nursing care) last Thursday.  While one is on the home nursing care, they may not leave the house for anything except going to doctor follow-up appointments. He started physical therapy appointments Monday.  Thank you for your concern and prayers.

The speaking engagement I mentioned in my last post, at Landis Homes, went very well.  Sold some books also, and was recommended to come back next year.

I am now getting my thoughts together for the speaking engagement at the Aston Women’s Club on October 25.  In addition, I have been asked to speak at Garden Spot Retirement Village on March 11 2016, at their Spring Retreat.  I am excited about going there because we have many friends who are now living there.

I ask for your prayers in my last post for Amy, regarding the 6 centimeter mass in he chest.  Please continue to pray for her.   We had a conference call with the doctor yesterday explaining what they are considering doing, which is a biopsy of her lung.  My concern is that it may be cancer.

If you read the devotional, Our Daily Bread, and you read the stories at the back of the book – share your story, you may see my story.  I have submitted my story, “Gifts of Joy”, but I do not know when it will be published.

As I stated in an earlier post, I HAVE BOOK – WILL TRAVEL.  I am always ready and eager to share our (God and my) story.  Each time I share, I get so much JOY.

Remember Bundles of Joy when you begin your Christmas shopping!  Just call (610-517-6507) or email me ( with an order, and I will sign and get them back to you in time for Christmas.  If you choose to give it as a gift, let me know how you would like them signed.


You haven’t heard from me for some time, so thought I would catch-up.

For those of you who may not know, my husband Cowan has been hospitalized for a month for diagnosis and treatment.  After many tests, etc. it was determined that surgery was necessary to replace the shunt in his head that was not functioning properly.  The shunt is to relieve fluid build which caused pressure to his brain.  The pressure caused confusion in speech and a mini stroke.  He has spent a month in three hospitals, one being a Rehabilitation Hospital.  He came home, finally, on Thursday this week.  So….I have not been very active lately in anything except going to the hospital.  We are very grateful for all of you who have been praying for him – thank you so much.

There is another situation that has my concern at the present time.  Amy, our daughter in Bundles of Joy, is being tested for a mass in her chest.  She has been through several tests which show a 6 centimeter mass, and the doctors are trying to find an answer.  Cowan and I would appreciate your prayers for her.

I am now trying to get back into the swing of Real Estate and Bundles of Joy.  As for the book, I am scheduled for two speaking/book signing engagements.  On September 25 I will be at Landis Homes, a retirement home, in Lancaster County speaking and doing a book signing.  And, on October 25 I will be speaking and book signing at the Aston Women’s Club, in Aston, PA (Delaware County).  I am looking forward to these two events.

As always, you or your family or friends, can get a copy of the book at, or am selling them from my home.  Contact me if you would like a signed copy for yourself or a Christmas present for family or friend.

I continue ask God to give opportunities for me to share OUR book with others.  I am available for any event you may know about.

I will try to keep information coming quicker from here on.



I love sharing my story in BUNDLES OF JOY, and I will travel to you for Speaking Engagements, Book Signings, Author Readings, and……a new twist –  Home Book Signing Parties.

The Home Book Signing Party is similar to Tupperware Parties.  The hostess/hose invites friends to her/his home for fun, fellowship, and of course food.    These parties consist of interactive readings from the book, between myself and the hostess/host or a guest.

I have not held of these parties, but have read reports of others who have.  Reading about the fun and response to their book has inspired me.  The guests expressed enjoyment in getting tidbits about the story in the books.  Hopefully the reading, etc. will entice guests to purchase signed books.

So………………..I would love to try one.  Are any of you willing to be a hostess/host, and try with me?????????

Of course, I am open to Speaking Engagements, Book Signings, and Author Readings.

Love to hear from you.

Here’s What’s Happening

Wanted to bring you up to date on what is happening here.  First, my live TV Interview in Greenville, SC.  I stated in an earlier post that I would be interviewed by Christina Thompson.  No true!  I found , when I arrived, that the interviewer would be Dr. Benjamin Littlejohn, pastor of Eastlan Baptist Church in Greenville.  The interview went well – he was kind to me!!!!  Pastor “Benny”, as he told me call him, is a fun person.  We had times of laughter, and serious times as we discussed Douglas and Amy.  I have received a DVD of the program, and am trying to figure out how to get it on a pdf so I can share it with you – check back later.

One thing of joy, was a discussion we had regarding the fact that Doug was now in heaven.  Pastor “Benny” said,  “Maybe Doug can see us now, and he is saying, Look Jesus, that’s my mom; she is on TV, and she has written a book about me”.  We both laughed at his comment, and rejoiced that Doug was now able to SEE, WALK and TALK!!!!

I am enjoying the marketing process of my book.  However, I wish it was producing more results.  I have just put in the mail, letters to 8 places I hope will bring Author Readings, and/or Book Signings – such as Yogurt Shops or Ice Cream Shops, Coffee Houses and Book Stores, etc.  By the way, if you have ideas I would love to hear them.

I feel honored to have been asked to be the speaker for Pine Grove Church Women In Mission Ladies Night Out on April 21, to be held at the Fox Chase Golf Club,  I am enjoying getting ready for this event.  My title is The Potter and The Clay.

I received an e-mail from Crossbooks with a questionnaire for me to fill out for another radio interview.  I will keep you updated.

Those of you who had read my book know about Patterning with Douglas.  I wish I had had the time to journal.  If so, I would have the names of the greatly appreciated 100 volunteers who helped.  I am in contact with The Toledo Blade to have some kind of ad or article requesting that those persons contact me.  If anyone out there can help me, that would also be greatly appreciated.  If, and when, I get responses I will be doing another book signing in Toledo.  I will be sending personal invitations to those persons, and others.  Do you want your name, or a friend’s name on the invite list?

This Fall I will be joining Bob Unverzagt, the author of A Dozen Roses From God, in a speaking engagement at Landis Homes in Lancaster County.  We are in the process of working on that joint effort.  The theme is JOY.

I guess that is all the news I have to tell.  That is enough – right??!!

Exciting Things Are Happening——–

I had a great speaking engagement and book signing December 13, at my daughter Lisa’s church, St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Wilmington, Delaware.  It was their Women’s Christmas Tea.  My message was well received, the book signing went very well.  Since it was so close to Christmas, I included Christmas Carols to introduce two of my Bundles, and two other carols for two other events in the book.

Now, I am getting ready for an hour live TV Interview on NiteLine in Greenville, SC.  If you are interested you, you will be able to watch by live streaming by going to, on your computer.  It will air at 8 o’clock p.m. on January 28.

I am excited about this opportunity, but at the same time a little jittery.  Will you remember me at that time, and pray that I will get through the hour, and do it well.

The Lord has blessed the book sales.  I give thanks for the support all of you have given me.



I Had A Great Time!!!!!!

In case you were not able to hear the live stream of my interview with Debbie Chaves yesterday, I am including it in my blog.  I sent it to my Facebook, so maybe you were able to hear it.  It is also in the blog post below.

Debbie was very gentle with me!  She is a very upbeat radio person.  I was surprised that the interview went so well, since I did not know ahead of time what questions she would ask.  Cowan said I “done good”!  Now, that’s saying something.

I will now start planning for the live TV interview.  O boy, that is starting to scare me!

I am having so much fun, that a friend said “You should write another book, and keep this excitement going.”  Don’t think so.

I just thank the Lord for the interest from so may that has resulted many books being sold.